April Newsletter

Student of the Month (8:15) 4/13
STEAM Night- (5:30-7) 4/19
K-3 Poetry Reading (2:00) 4/25

ELA and Writing
• Reviewing diphthongs (oi/oy, ou/ow) , R- controlled vowels (or, ar, ir,er,ur) and the –ed ending
• We will begin making and recognizing frequently used compound words (something, nowhere, anybody) and making fun words (cupcake, sunshine, etc.)
• Using the 3 types of punctuation appropriately when writing, and using voice inflection when reading sentences with different punctuation endings.
• Beginning our poetry unit—students will be reading a variety of poems and writing their own book of various poems to share (Acrostic, couplet, haiku, diamante)

• Continued work on telling time to the quarter and half hour, with some students working on time to the minute.
• Reviewing names and distinguishing qualities of different shapes
• Using multiple tangrams to create new shapes
• Distinguishing 2D and 3D shapes properties
• Beginning measurement unit- determining when to use inches or feet, using standard and non-standard units of measurement

• Completing life cycle of a butterfly, and releasing our classroom butterflies
• Comparing and contrasting the features and life cycles of butterflies and moths
• Beginning life cycle of a frog– getting a tadpole to observe and record daily changes!
• Comparing frog and toads (bodies, habitats, and adaptations)
• Observing and recording how babies are different and similar to their parents.

Social Studies—Ancient Egypt and Mummies
• Participate in shared research and investigation
• Compare and contrast everyday life in different times and places
• Review terms past, present, and future and use them when describing topic
• Identify causes and effects of historical events

• Focusing on our parish and Catholic community
• Celebrating God’s love and reviewing the sacraments he gave us
• Learning about Saint Kateri Tekakwitha
• Remembering that Easter is a season, not just a day!