December News

December Newsletter

Important dates:

12/6 Grinch Play at Old Globe Theater

12/14 Christmas Pageant 1pm/6pm

12/15 No extended Care

12/16-1/2 Holiday break


English Language Arts:

  • Comparing and contrasting Gingerbread Stories
  • Writing How-to catch a gingerbread man, how to help Santa
  • Beginning opinion writing; forming an opinion and supporting your opinion with details
  • Continued verbs activities in the present (-ing) and past tense (-ed)
  • Working with digraph –ck and reviewing sh,ch,wh,th



  • Beginning counting by 10’s
  • Beginning place value with 10’s and 1’s
  • Using the number grid as a support to find 10 less 10 more, eventually recognizing patterns to find answer mentally.


Science/ Social Studies:

  • Continuing to learn about American symbol-Bald Eagle, Statue of Liberty
  • Exploring different environments (ocean, forest, prairie, swamp) and the animals that live there
  • Beginning animal “research” and writing informational pieces about chosen animal



  • Continued daily practice for the Epiphany Mass
  • Learning about the birth of Jesus and the first Christmas
  • Exploring the roles of the three kings, Mary and Joseph, and baby Jesus
  • Creating our own Nativity scenes