October News

English Language Arts
• Students will continue to read leveled books to practice accuracy and fluency
• We are continuing to build our Read-to Self Stamina
• Students are beginning Bat research this month using nonfiction literature, videos, and student made materials
• We will be using our research knowledge to draft and publish informational writing about bats
• Students will also begin How-To writings with our first How to Carve a pumpkin writing

• We continue to work on math fact fluency within 10 and 20, and are introducing subtraction number sentences.
• Students will begin to relate addition to subtraction by learning about fact families
• Students will begin to read math word problems and determine if the problem calls for addition or subtraction.

• In science we will continue to experiment and use a hands on approach when possible. Students are beginning to learn about the design process, and our first project will be inventing a bubble blowing tool using materials from home. Designing the tool, building it, testing it and reflecting on the tool will be part of this unit.
• We will also be incorporating pumpkins into science this month, after our field trip. Students will use their senses to investigate the inside of the pumpkin, learn about a pumpkin life cycle and estimate/ count pumpkin seeds.

Social Studies
• Students are beginning to explore their place in the world starting with their school community, neighborhood, city, state, country, and world. We will be completing a hands-on activity as a visual model for this concept.
• Students will also be learning about different types of neighborhoods (city, rural, suburban) and begin learning how to use a map and simple legend.

• Students continue to learn about how Jesus lived and helped others, and brainstorm ways we can continue to follow his positive path. We have begun to talk about the apostles as followers and to learn about who they were and how they lived.

Days to remember this month
• Pizza lunch 10/3, 10/17, 10/31
• Student of the month 10/13 @ 8:15
• Student Gala on 10/20 at Rockin Jump from 6-8pm
• Field trip to Oma’s Pumpkin Patch 10/19 at 8:15am