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April Newsletter

Student of the Month (8:15) 4/13 STEAM Night- (5:30-7) 4/19 K-3 Poetry Reading (2:00) 4/25 ELA and Writing • Reviewing diphthongs (oi/oy, ou/ow) , R- controlled vowels (or, ar, ir,er,ur) and the –ed ending • We will begin making and recognizing frequently used compound words (something, nowhere, anybody) and making fun words (cupcake, sunshine, etc.)… Read more »

February Newsletter

February Newsletter Valentines day is a couple weeks away and we will be exchanging valentines and eating a healthy shared snack on Tuesday 2/13. Students can bring in valentines to share, but please make sure there is one for each student. It is your choice if you would like to include student’s names.   Brady             … Read more »

December News

December Newsletter Important dates: 12/6 Grinch Play at Old Globe Theater 12/14 Christmas Pageant 1pm/6pm 12/15 No extended Care 12/16-1/2 Holiday break   English Language Arts: Comparing and contrasting Gingerbread Stories Writing How-to catch a gingerbread man, how to help Santa Beginning opinion writing; forming an opinion and supporting your opinion with details Continued verbs… Read more »

October News

English Language Arts • Students will continue to read leveled books to practice accuracy and fluency • We are continuing to build our Read-to Self Stamina • Students are beginning Bat research this month using nonfiction literature, videos, and student made materials • We will be using our research knowledge to draft and publish informational… Read more »